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#HAD2024 Housing Action Days 2024

maart 27 - april 7

2023 has been a year of growing social inequality, xenophobia, criminalisation of poverty, and repression against social movements, immigrants, and gendered and ethnic minorities.

It has also been a year of major setbacks in housing rights. All across Europe, rising rents coupled with soaring costs of energy and food supplies have pushed people into marginal living conditions. Trends are the same everywhere: in Portugal, Lisbon rental costs have reached incredibly high levels, accounting for around 63% of residents’ average income. In France, millions of people live in poor living conditions, are homeless or face forced evictions while Paris is preparing to show its most glamorous face for the Olympic Games. In Sweden, migrants are being discriminated against and banned from access to social housing. In Romania and elsewhere, urban regeneration programs transform the cities and the built environment into financial assets. Low-income people are forced to seek refuge in overcrowded houses or informal settlements. Tent camps have become commonplace even in Europe’s richest cities and regions. In the meantime, National governments and European institutions continue to support private investors and the real estate market instead of standing with the people. Nevertheless, thousands have taken to the streets to voice their discontent. Collective resistance and generated new ideas and solutions have been organised for a more just and inclusive city, for equal rights and access to decent, affordable, stable, ecological housing.

Everywhere, the European Action Coalition for the right to housing and to the city organizes on diverse fronts of struggle. In Prague, they are people experiencing homelessness, and demand massive state investment in affordable housing. They are tenants throughout Europe, self-organised in new emancipatory unions and neighbourhood collectives. They fight against corporate landlords and multinational private investors. They are Roma people contesting institutional racism. They are immigrants defending our unconditional right to the city and decent housing. They are people living in lighthouses and other ephemeral housing. They fight to apply the law that guarantees our right to live on public or private land. Instead, they are being criminalised, our homes are being demolished without any proposal for re-housing. In Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Spain they are poor homeowners fighting against illegitimate mortgages leading to foreclosures or forced evictions. They organize popular referendums in Portugal to curb holiday rentals and touristification or expropriate big landlords. In Serbia, Germany, Portugal, and Italy, they stop evictions by the mere use of our bodies. Everywhere, we continue to struggle to increase public housing stock by different means to extract a significant part of houses from the real estate market. In 2024, the European Action Coalition for the right to housing and to the city, call for another week of common action. Let’s take a powerful stance together against those who deprive us of our basic rights! Let us roar for our right to housing and to the city everywhere and at the same time.

Housing Action Days


maart 27
april 7
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