2020-06-23, Lief dagboek

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Weekly round-up
23 juni 2020


Each week brings a deluge of news about COVID-19. Verified is committed to keeping you up to date with the main developments relating to the pandemic and infodemic each week.

1. Google is introducing fact-check labels for images.

2. How Chad’s town criers and troubadours are tackling misinformation.

3. Our partners First Draft look at why local context is relevant when tackling coronavirus misinformation.

4. What scientists are doing to challenge inaccurate claims about coronavirus.

5. Rising use of social media is increasing Africans’ exposure to misinformation.

And finally, the Reuters Institute’s Digital News Report highlights the increase in news consumption due to the pandemic and the low levels of trust in traditional and social media.

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Team Verified

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Verified is an initiative of the United Nations. 



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